Friday, November 16, 2007

Servitude-Assignment 1

Hello Academy Trainers,

I have Read Servitude training series.-Assignment One. This training asked me to list my reasons for not accomplishing my goal to be a better slave. Many of my reasons are still the same as the Obedience training series, with some additional ones not thought of before:
selfishness, fear is I think very important-not just fear of being a slave but what society may do to me if "Outside-vanilla" folks find out. I will work on this fear and try and overcome this. When I can arrange my funds I will order How to Serve a Mistress and Femdom Party.


Saturday, November 10, 2007

slave training-Obedience-Assignment 7

Hello Slave Trainers,

I read "How A slave Should Apply To A Mistress" and learned a few things, namely:
That I should take the time and ensure the spelling and grammatical mistakes are not present. That I should only describe how I my serve and not start a discussion on any inappropriate information like my fantasies. I should describe in a very honest way who I am so that she can determine if I am someone She would like to pursue . All very good information, thank you, ken

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Obedience Training 1

Dear Academy Trainers,

I read Lesson 1. The articles are all well- written and I enjoyed reading the articles by trainee slaves, all appear to have learned a lot and truly appreciate the experience. I read some of the owned slaves articles as well. Again the slaves all appeared to be continually learning under the Academy's experience. I enjoys a "slaves life" as it appears to be genuine and something I strive.

as far as the pics I liked:
pic 01 I think the subservience is clear and Mistress is very pretty!
pic 02 Same as number 1
pic 019 I enjoy She is relaxing, but with the crop to keep the slaves attention, nice
pic 47 I enjoy the thought of serving as a slave to all Woman
pic 7 oral service is great
pic 46 worshipping my Mistress

I envy the slaves in every picture it is what I strive for.

My goal to reach this bliss to learn all I can, and train everyday.

I believe i can accomplish this goal by yes being more obedient, I also need to control my masturbation. I believe masturbating lessons my subservience.

thank you for reading, ken

slave training-Obedience-Assignment Six

Dear Academy Trainers,

I read the Lesson on "How To Behave In A Session With A Dominatrix" with some interest. I have thought of approaching a Dominatrix for sessions, but have never gone through with it. Too afraid I guess.
When I do I will be appreciative -I fully understand She is to be obeyed and not questioned, that she is a professional and Her time is valuable. I am submissive and will not "switch" on Her.

Thank you ken

Obedience Lesson 5

Hello Academy Trainers,
I read through the "Why Dominant Women Have A Hard Time Finding A Good slave" lesson and I believe I was always meant to be a slave, however, I didn't realize it until I learned more about myself. For years I fooled myself thinking I was vanilla, but they I know now was clearly not being honest to myself. I always considered myself submissive especially to Dominant Woman. Now after learning more about my submissiveness, I believe for certain I was meant to serve and perform for my Domme whenever She wants. I understand that when the day comes to serve I will do this without question. I hope that when complete with my training here at the Academy i will please Her always, thank you, ken

Sunday, November 4, 2007

What Makes A Good Slave

I read the Lesson What Makes A Good Slave and my general feelings were that all were good items that I need to practice and ensure I follow. I especially liked the Is always loyal, devoted, and faithful to his Mistress. I believe being these things are the most important. ken

Obedience Lesson 4

I read The Fighting in a D's relationship lesson and learned to be very careful when speaking I understand that I must treat Her well and She will treat me well-that's good advice I think, especially when getting beaten is Her option. This boy will listen first. ken